September 26, 2017

Riverside indescrestion

YFL Statement


To All:


It is the duty of The GLYFL as well as all it’s member clubs to ensure an environment that is conducive to learning the game of football in a competitively balanced league. For this reason, there are rules in place to ensure equal distribution of talent. Unfortunately, some of these rules have been violated. Below are the sanctions to be enforced immediately on the Riverside Youth Football League. Riverside is a key member of the GLYFL and has many top-notch parents, coaches and volunteers. The goal is that these sanctions will maintain the integrity of the Riverside program as well as the GLYFL, and in the long run, the betterment of both.


It has been decided by majority vote of the GLYFL Board and all GLYFL Club Presidents, that the following sanctions will be imposed on the Riverside Youth Football League.


The reason for this decision is based on the violations of the following GLYFL Rules:


Section II Club Structure

Subset C.


"Member clubs shall place all of their teams' members in the GLYFL to ensure equal distribution of

talent and ability, in furtherance of fair competition among teams in all member clubs."


Section VI Player Drafts

Subset A.

Rule 1


"No more than four (4) coaches shall be assigned to a team prior to the draft."




1. Riverside Gold "A" will forfeit all 2017 regular season games.


2. Riverside Gold "A" is suspended from participation in the 2017 GLYFL   



3. Riverside Gold "A" Head Coach is suspended indefinitely from practice and

   game for the remainder of the 2017 season.


4. Riverside Youth Football League will be on probation, for two (2) years, for the

   2018 and 2019 seasons.,

Riverside has hired a attorney and has contacted fox 8 news. Since they feel they have done no wrongdoing and parents feel they need to contact fox 8. 

We feel your clubs and parents should contact fox 8 as well and let them know how you feel about Riverside. They broke rules and now they can't except the punishment...... we cannot allow them to go unpunished! Let fox 8 know how you feel about the Riverside Program.

Contact Maia Belay at fox 8 @