March 22, 2018

Night at the races


Our Night at the races fund raiser on March 31st is quickly approaching. Tickets are $40 per person. The event includes meal and open bar as well as Horse races, $2,$3 and $5 cash side boards, booze table and Chinese auction. This is the main fundraising source for our league. I understand the date is not the most desirable but our hands were tied. Please understand the importance of this for our league. This money is used to provide and maintain newest safety gear, provide quality uniforms and practice gear. We also use these funds to for insurance,background checks, maintain the fields, pavilion, concession stand, score board as well as purchasing of the field striping paint and maintenance to the sprayer. These are all things other cities have provided for them that we pay for ourselves On average this breaks down to $205 per child to run the league. As you know registration is at $160 and we intend on keeping it there for the foreseeable future. That being said I am reaching out to you if you are not going away on vacation for spring break please attend. I will be at Bruce Yee football office Monday March 26 from 5 pm-7 pm. this will be absolute last day to purchase tickets and horses. I can also be reached at 440-477-0424 for arraignments to get tickets over the next 4 days.

Thanks, Mike Henderson